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Retiring is a big step and comes with lots of unknowns and some uncertainty. Covisum’s Income InSight helps you identify expenses, income streams, accounts, investments and insurance, and project how each of these could be used throughout your client’s lifetime to provide for the retirement they desire. Provide a clear vision of retirement and any challenges your clients may face. Income InSight allows you to demonstrate suggested and alternative strategies.

Try it for free for 10 days, no credit card required. Our newest and most comprehensive financial planning tool illustrates the impact of multiple retirement plan decisions and resolves or eliminates conflicts throughout the overall retirement plan. Use Income InSight to add value to your clients’ retirement plans.

Answer these client questions:

  1. How long will my retirement savings last?
  2. What should I do if it doesn’t?
  3. How much can I leave to my children or other beneficiaries?
  4. What happens if the market crashes?
  5. What happens if my spouse, or I, have a long-term health event?
  6. What happens if my spouse dies, or I die unexpectedly?
Experience first-hand our actionable, client-friendly graphics and reports.

Your AAA experience will include:

  • Awesome support! Our team of experts will walk you through implementation and answer any questions you or your clients have.
  • Actionable client reports–our calculator shows clients alternative strategies and helps you identify the best solutions to maximize their benefits.
  • Aligned interests–the Covisum team is compensated based on your success. When you win, we win.
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